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  • Onitsha Ado Center

Providing Digital And Internet Services For The People of Onitsha Ado

Onitsha Ado Center provides contemporary Digital and Internet services to Onitsha people worldwide through a central location. For example, if an Onitsha person wants to memorialize a video of anything online where people can see it and have access to it 24hrs, we provide the services.

Other Services That We Provide:

1. Extracting Videos From DVDs To Popular Mp4 Video Format

2. Installing Videos On SD Cards With Adapters For Use In Smartphones, Computers And Other Electronics.

3. Extracting Still Pictures/Photos From DVDs And Videos

4. Setting Up Videos On YouTube

5. Publishing Videos On Onitsha Ado Center Website

6. Publishing Videos On YouTube

7. Publishing Photo Albums On Onitsha Ado Center Website

8. Sending Out Email Newsletters To Onitsha People Worldwide

9. Designing Obituaries With Photos

10. Sending Out Obituaries Information Via Email To Onitsha People Worldwide

11. Setting Up Photo Albums of Funerals On Onitsha Ado Center Website

12. Setting Up Funeral Videos On Onitsha Ado Center Website And YouTube

13. We Also Recover Your Data From Your Dead Laptops And Other Computers

14. We Handle Photos, DVDs, Albums And Videos of All Occasions such as Title Takings, Marriages, Graduations, and so on.

15. Our Rates Are Good and We Will Match Any Competitor's Rate. That Is A Guarantee

16. We Design, Host, and Maintain Personal, Small Business and E-Commerce Websites.

17. We Design Genealogy

18. Shipping And Receiving Within Continental United States Is Easy. We Use 3 Day Priority Mail With Tracking of The United States Post Office. 3 Day Small Package Shipping Is less Than $7, Medium Size Package Shipping Is Less Than $15 And Large Package Shipping Is Less Than $20. So, Distance Is Not A Barrier.

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