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It is very important That I explain to you my lifelong goal for Onitsha Kingdom. I do not aspire to any leadership position in the Kingdom but I want to use the science and technology of Computer & Internet to connect Onitsha People all over the world. You know that our people are all over the world and some of them will never go back to the Physical Onitsha.


It is therefore very important that Onitsha people have a very good fundamental knowledge of the Kingdom. I have the complete authentic original intellectual research work of Anthropologists Doctors Richard & Helen Henderson in Onitsha from 1960 to 1962 that will take the rest of my life to Digitize. His work was sponsored by the Ford Foundation of the United States and the leadership of Onitsha Kingdom welcomed him from the Obi, Ndichie, Okpalas, Isi Adas and so on. 


He was personally acquainted with Obi James Okosi and Obi Okwudili Onyejekwe and various Onitsha historians like Jerry Orakwue. Indeed, I can say that the Hendersons' work is one of the most authentic work about the Kingdom founded by Eze Chima. 


His work and the Eastern Nigeria Report of The Commission of Inquiry Into The Obiship Dispute of Onitsha kingdom 1963, The Groundwork of The History & Culture of Onitsha By S.I Bosah, Chima Dynasty By Onuora Nzekwu, Faith of Our Fathers By Onuora Nzekwu and Know Onitsha Families By Eke Ekwerekwu paint a complete picture of Onitsha Kingdom.


With The Above Sources, I embarked on The Digitization of Onitsha Kingdom Documents & Making The Documents Available Online Worldwide. Any Digitized Document Must Merge Text With Image And They Become One Image Which Cannot be Separated. The Digitized Documents based on the listed sources contain Sufficient Information To Explain themselves. And That Is What We Call Digitization. 


Digitization Is A Technical And Laborious Process Which Demands Financial Resources. We Thank Our Sponsors For Helping Us. We Call Our Sponsors Digitization Warriors. We have currently digitized about Three Thousand Onitsha Documents, Images, Photos, Videos and we have not scratched the surface.


There are tens of thousands of Onitsha documents that will take tens of years to digitize and be brought Online Worldwide. We also maintain Website With Numerous Digitized Onitsha Documents And Onitsha Ado Center YouTube Channel With About 110 And still adding Cultural Videos.


I have saved the best for the last. These items we are continuously generating must be housed some place and we have designed that place. It is called Onitsha Kingdom CLOUD. It houses The Thousands of Onitsha Documents, Images, Photos & Cultural Videos that we are continuously generating based on the above listed sources.


When one becomes an annual Sponsor of The Digitization of Onitsha Kingdom Records & Making Them Available By Donating Any Amount Today: $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, Onitsha Kingdom CLOUD Annual Invitation will be sent immediately to his or her email address. The CLOUD Will Recognize The Email Address And Open All Thousands of Contents For Him/Her To View Or Download.


You Can Use Unlimited Number of Smartphones, Tablets, Ipads and Computers From Any Part of The World To Access Our CLOUD To View Or Download Contents As Long As You Are In Your Email.


If You Are Looking For Anything About Yourself or Your Family, Just Type Your Last Name In The Search Box And Search. The CLOUD Search Box enables you to search for anything specific without looking at thousands of items.


We request that you Act NOW and Today. Please do not wait till tomorrow because this project is expensive and constantly requires inflow of financial resources to pay the bills. Please use the information below NOW.


Moruwai Ifeka Uwechia 678 866 5510

Onitsha Ado Center

Note: Our Zelle Information is: Ifeka Uwechia 678 866 5510 For Your Donations. You can use credit or debit card : There Is A Secured DONATE Button At Our Secured Website. The Secured DONATE Button Is Controlled By The Online Financial Giant Paypal Inc. Click Now Here To Go To Our Website To Use Your Credit or Debit Card

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